Meditation on Haotian – Heavenly God

Haotian is the Heavenly God and source of all qi in the universe. For the ancient Taoist Cultivator, Haotian was God and could lead a cultivator to reach the Heavenly Realm. Many scholars equate Haotian with the Jade Emperor of the Taoist Pantheon. However this is not correct. Haotian is distinct for the Jade Emperor and the Three Pure-Ones of Daoism (Yuan Shi Tian Zun, Ling Bao Tian Zun, and Dao De Tian Zun). Haotian instead is the God of all Qi and the breath that is flowing within the world. Haotian governs the Qi of the universe and transcends the universe. Haotian’s Guang Ming is able to incinerate all the universes by the power of Heaven. Haotian is not only the source of all mortal realms, but the source of all Heavenly Realms as well. The ancient Taoist Cultivator could wield the power of Haotian and protect oneself, others and the world. By cultivating Guang Ming and Haotian Qi, the ancient Taoist Cultivator could become a powerhouse and protected by Haotian.

When we meditate with Haotian’s Divine Name our qi and spirit is transformed to Haotian’s Holy Light, Guang Ming. The breath of Haotian’s fills all of nature and all of the universe. We do this meditation to attune our breath to the breath of Haotian.

Sit in a comfortable posture, inhale and mentally chant “Haotian”, exhale and mentally chant “Haotian”. Notice how your qi is transformed as you chant.

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