Haotian Taoism

Haotian Taoism has five main realms.

Haotian Taoism works with the Nascent Qi of Heaven and Earth. One learns to perceive the different forms of qi of Heaven and Earth and ultimately Haotian Qi and the Light of Haotian (Guang Ming).

Basic Level – At this level one learns to cultivate the Qi of Heaven and Earth.

Perception Realm – At this level one perceives the different forms of Nascent Qi and can cultivate using ones perception.

Martial Realm – At this realm one can use ones qi to influence and affect others.

Spirit Martial Realm – At this level ones consciousness is fused with heaven and earth qi and one can influence external objects with ones consciousness.

Celestial Martial Realm – At this level one is merged with the power of Heaven.

Cultivation Arts:

  • Haotian System
  • God of Haotian System

Dao Cultivation

Dao Cultivation starts with absorbing heaven and Earth Qi into the Dantian

Dao cultivation works from the outside to the inside. One draws in the spirit qi of heaven and earth into oneself in a specific manner to begin cultivating. One starts to advance to higher realms and then works with heaven and earth origin qi. One builds Dao Qi and circulates Dao qi through the body using the technique of pulse condensation. Pulse condensation is the main method to increase ones level in Dao Cultivation.

Dao Cultivation:

Qi gathering – At this level one builds Qi in the Dantian and in the body. One needs sufficient qi to begin pulse condensation.

Drawing in Heaven and Earth energy into the Dantian

Breathing In Heaven and Earth Spirit Energy

Qi condensation

Cultivating Dao Qi

Cultivating true qi in the Dantian.

Pulse condensation – At this level one circulations Dao qi through ones meridians.

Houtian Stage – At this level ones Dao qi becomes concentrated the Dantian.

Xiantian Stage – At this level one builds primordial qi in the Dantian and one is able to communicate with Heaven and Earth.

Golden Core Stage – At this level ones dantian becomes a golden core.

Nascent Soul – At this stage one’s golden core becomes a nascent soul.

Awakening Divine Sense

Awakening Celestial Spirit Qi.

Awakening Celestial Realm of Yu Qing, Shang Qing and Tai Qing.

Cultivation Arts:

  • Dao System
  • Celestial Dao System

Celestial Cultivation

Celestial Cultivation raises one to celestial level and then to Deity level.

Celestial Cultivation opens up only for those who are destined to become celestials. Ones Celestial cultivation may be unique to each individual. One raises through levels of celestial immortality until one reaches celestial deity. After this one reaches higher levels of Deity level to become a God. This happens over many thousands of years.

Celestial Cultivation.

Celestial Ling Li (Spirit Qi) Cultivation

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