Haotian and Cultivation

Introduction from the Book – Haotian Taoism and Heavenly Cultivation. – Download the whole book here –


Haotian is the Heavenly God and the breath of nascent qi that flows through nature. His Guang Ming (bright light) is the source of that nascent qi. In certain traditions of ancient heavenly Daoism it was said the cultivation was Haotian’s gift to humanity. This book is of heavenly Daoism as cultivation is directly related to Haotian. As soon as you enter into cultivation Haotian will be relevant and a new reality for you. When you become a cultivator you will directly be known by Haotian and as you absorb nascent qi you will be interacting with Haotian qi. Thus as you read this book and learn the techniques of cultivation I must insist a firm respect for Haotian. You will notice the respect and awe of Haotian automatically grow within you as you sense and absorb nascent qi

This book is not a repeat of other Daoist Books or scholarly material. It is a direct introduction to ancient heavenly Daoism known as Cultivation as well as an introduction to Haotian. Therefore this is not a book on qigong, or on neigong but on Cultivation specifically which was only practiced in the ancient times. Cultivation is the art of directly absorbing Qi without the use of movements, meditation, breathing or mantras. Therefore cultivation is different than meditation, qigong or neigong which are the main techniques of Daoism known today. This book is not just an introduction but a manual to begin cultivation and to access levels of Daoist Immortality. Following the techniques in this book will not be easy but will take skill, dedication and commitment to mastering the Dao and becoming a Cultivator. The beginning techniques can be said to be easy enough which will allow you to enter into cultivation. Once you enter into cultivation and become a cultivator the difficulty will depend on your hard work as well as your talent. I am aware that there is not a book on cultivation today nor was there ever a book on cultivation. Most Daoist manuals were only books on higher level neigong and qigong with movements and breathing. This book is the first book on Heavenly Daoism and cultivation that has been written and comes as a result of my deep training. I write this book for those who are aspiring to become a cultivator and master Dao.

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