Cultivation Arts

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Human Grade Arts

 Yin Yang Nei Gong

This standing moving system directly builds yin chi and yang chi and fuses them both in the lower Dantian.

 Yin Yang Gong

This system cultivates the dantian to express the yin yang gong skill that is cultivated by certain taoist lineages. Development of strong martial power in conjunction with the electric current is emphasized in this system.

Taoist Burning Palm

Cultivates intense heat in the palms.

Monk Penetrates Iron

High level moving neigong form which cultivates a special attainment of yin and yang qi in the Lower Dantian. This attainments begins to generate an electric current to the palms.

Dantian Neigong

This is a Neigong that cultivates the lower dantian for martial power.

Thunder Palms

Standing moving form that cultivates the thunder palm and the ability to express electrical energy out the palm.

Dragon On Top of the Ocean

Standing moving secret Nei Gong system that comes from Wudang. The Neigong form cultivates an intense martial energy together with a special attainment in the lower dantian.

Yin Yang Combined Force

Develops the power of the combined force of yin and yang in the Lower Dantian. Used for martial purposes.

 Thunder Force

Through this system one develops the ability to express the “thunder palm” skill. One also builds strong power in the Lower Dantian with this system.

 Yang Fire

Cultivates the “Burning Palm” skill and builds heat in the lower dantian and in the body.

 Moon on top of the Ocean

Cultivates healing energy.

 White Hair

 Dragon Form

 Red Hair

 Taoist Fist

Thunderbolt Elixir

This awakens the thunderbolt and electrical current with the Lower Dantian.

 Yin Yang Lightning Elixir

Strong Lower Dantian cultivation

 Yang Chi

Cultivates a powerful martial palm skill. One feels heat with this cultivation.

 Fire Chi

Cultivates the “burning palm” skill.

Heavenly Thunder Neigong

Cultivates the heavenly thunder attainment in the lower dantian.

Heaven Chi Neigong

Builds martial power through sky Chi.

The Monks Form

Lower Dantian neigong system.

 Blue Dragon

This standing system generates the electrical current and transmits the energy to the palms.

 Yin Yang Ging

Build the ging of the electric current through the body.

 Thunder in Heaven

Builds the power of the electric current

Eight Way Thunder Force

Builds the power of the electric current.

 Clouds in Heaven

Fundamental Dantian Neigong.

 Nei Lei (four levels)

These are four consecutive levels of the Nei Lei Gong system. Nei Lei Gong means the power of the internal thunder.

 High level Iron Palm Set (4 levels)

These four levels generate the current from the lower dantian and build the iron and burning palm skill.

Fundamental Lei Fa Gong Seated Neigong

 Fundamental Lei Fa Gong Standing Neigong

 Advanced Lei Fa Gong Standing Neigong

 Very Advanced Standing Lei Fa Gong

 Two Standing Moving Lei Fa Gong Forms

 Advanced Clouds in Heaven

 Advanced Monk Holding The Clouds.

 Advanced Monk in Heaven

 Advanced Martial Set (3 levels)

 Very Advanced Thunder Palm

 Very Advanced Monk Holds Pearl

 Monk in the Clouds (Standing)

 Monk Carrying the Water (Standing moving)

 Monk Holds Pearl (Seated)

Earth Grade Arts

 The Monk Praying to Heaven Part 1

This system cultivates a celestial qi and builds martial celestial power within the Lower Dantian.

 The Monk Praying to Heaven Part 2

Cultivates the Shen through celestial Alchemy.

 White Tiger Ascending to Heaven

High Level Internal alchemical system which cultivates martial qi and heavenly attainments.

 White Tiger Descending to Earth

Cultivates martial chi.

 Sky Dragon Moving Through the Clouds

High level system which cultivates Celestial Chi.

 Green Dragon

Cultivates electric qi.

 Blue Dragon

This standing system generates the electrical current and transmits the energy to the palms.

 Golden Dragon

Cultivates celestial chi.

 Black Turtle Resting

Cultivates strong yin energy.

Heavenly Vermillion Bird System

18 levels of Heavenly White Tiger System

White Tiger martial development system.

This is a martial system that builds White Tiger martial power.

 Dragon in the Sky

 Phoenix in the Clouds

 White Tiger ascending

 White tiger in Heaven

 Red Phoenix

 Advanced Monk Drying the Silk

 Advanced Monk Scooping the Water

 Advanced Monks Technique

 Advanced Clouds in Heaven

 Advanced Monk Serves Wine

 Advanced Monks Technique Part 2

 Clouds in Heaven Part 2


 Clouds over the Ocean

 Golden Child

Internal Alchemy and attainment of the Immortal Fetus.

 Golden Child

Attainment of the Immortal Fetus

 Longmenpai System

Complete System of Longmenpai Alchemy

 Longmenpai Lower Dantian Neigong

Longmenpai lineage Lower Dantian Neigong

 Golden Elixir

Attainment of the Golden Elixir.

Immortal Grade Arts

 San Tian – Three Heavens  

This is a high level standing moving system that cultivates a martial energy and connects the practitioner to the heavens of Taoism. One practices this system for martial and spiritual development. This system is a secret direct method cultivate both martial power and Taoist Immortality.

 Tian Xian Gong (Heavenly Immortal Cultivation)

Through this system the practitioner directly attains Celestial Immortality in conjunction with Heavenly martial power.

Tian Lei Fa (Celestial Thunder Method)

This system cultivates the power of Celestial Thunder in the body to be expressed out the palm. This is a rare system that cultivates a celestial martial force.

 Tian Shen Fa (Heavenly Spirit Method)

The Tian Shen Fa is the cultivation of heavenly alchemy.

Immortal in the Sky

High level standing moving form that cultivates celestial qi and is a specific form of heavenly cultivation. Done for healing and spiritual development.

Tian Fa Gong (Heavenly Cultivation Method)

Cultivates celestial martial attainments in the lower Dantian.

 White Dragon Ascends to the Heavenly Palace of the Jade Emperor Part 1 (Restricted)

Internal Alchemy Cultivation

 White Dragon Ascends to the Heavenly Palace of the Jade Emperor Part 2 (Restricted)

Cultivation of celestial martial chi together with internal alchemy.

 Heavenly Lord Attends the Court (Restricted)

Celestial cultivation.

 Golden Spirit in Heaven Part 1 (Restricted)

Cultivates celestial attainments.

 Golden Spirit in Heaven Part 2 (Restricted)

Cultivates celestial attainments.

 Eight Immortals System (Restricted)

High level Yangshen, immortal fetus cultivation system.

 Eight Immortals Palm (Restricted)

This is done together with Eight Immortals System.

 Heavenly Immortal 

Celestial Grade Arts

Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms

Dao Grade Arts

Dao System

Celestial Dao System

Haotian System

Yuan Shi Tian Zun System

Celestial Lord System

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