Learn Ancient Taoist Cultivation for Immortality and Power

Welcome to the World of Cultivation. Cultivation is the ability to absorb primordial qi directly without the use of movements or breathing as commonly used in qigong, neigong or inner alchemy. When practicing cultivation one can step from mortal to immortal and from immortal to deity level and beyond. In cultivation one comprehends Dao and the forces of Heaven and Earth. My lineage is Heavenly Dao School. I will primarily be focused on teaching Haotian Taoism cultivation as well as heavenly cultivation. Haotian is the Heavenly God of Daoism and the breath of qi that flows through all things. Through Haotian Taoism one learns to connect to Haotian and absorb Haotian Qi and radiate the Light of Haotian (Guang Ming). I aim to bring the real methods of cultivation to the world.

Shifu Ausar


Shifu Ausar has years of experience and travel and intensive training with various high-level masters from Daoist and Buddhist traditions. After many years of training, Shifu Ausar is able to share his knowledge in Daoist Cultivation. Through his deep search Shifu Ausar was able to uncover many ancients Daoist teachings and paths. Not only is he the holder of many secret Neigong, Buddhist and Daoist systems, he is a Daoist Master who is able to teach the way of ancient Cultivation. One of Shifu Ausar’s major aims is to bring back Cultivation to humanity.

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