Perception Level in Haotian Taoism

Cultivating at perception level is a very direct and lucid experience with Dao and the Qi of Heaven and Earth. One directly can “see” or perceive the Qi as it changes from morning to night. In the early morning one can see the heavenly qi rising upwards. And following the heavenly Qi one can see Haotian Qi and Guang Ming. Then one can gather each qi respectively, and cultivate them directly.

At perception level, the higher one can perceive the quicker one can advance. If one only perceives the qi of yin and yang, then one will only stay at yin and yang level. However if one can perceive celestial qi and even Dao qi then at once one advanced to a higher celestial level.

To be able to perceive is a crucial skill in Haotian Taoism. One starts to see all the forms of Qi. One starts to see the “Light” as well as the “Dark.” To be able to be in perception is one of the highlights of Haotian Taoism.

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