Cultivation Skills:


After achieving the Basic Level you will start to notice a gigantic change in your perception. You will start to not only sense the qi around you but you will be able to see the qi of heaven and earth. You will see all nascent qi between heaven and earth. And you will see all the qi lead into heavenly qi and heavenly qi lead into Guang Ming. This Guang Ming is the source of the nascent qi and then you will begin to perceive the Brilliance and Light of Haotian.

You will also notice that you can manipulate and move the qi of heaven and earth with your hands and mind. You will be able to cultivate various qi as well as manipulate the qi at will.

Its now that you should perceive and cultivate as much as the nascent qi as you can. Try to sense and understand the principles of all the various forms of nascent qi. Continue perceiving higher and higher forms of heavenly qi and cultivate them. Follow where Guang Ming leads. The higher you go in Guang Ming the higher and more celestial your energy will be.


The next step of a cultivator is the ability to DO (again explicitly not using the words create or make) any energy you want. This leads to ability to DO very important energies such as Guang Ming (the bright Light of Haotian that is the source of Nascent Qi) and to the Dao itself. This book will not define Dao for you. You alone will come to know the Dao once you DO it and cultivate it directly. Again talented individuals may already know how to Do some energy at this point. IF you do know how to Do any energy it is okay as this chapter will lead to do doing. This chapter cannot show you the prisce method on how to do precisely because there is no method. When you learn and master how to do if I tell you to do lets say Guang Ming, thunder and lightning QI, Zhen Qi or Celestial Dao Martial Force you should easily be able to do them at the “tips of your fingers” so to speak.

So this comes to the problem is I taught you how to cultivate but how can I teach you to do? The answer is I cannot, but through inspiration you may get the ability. As long as you know how to do one energy, you may learn how to do a second energy and then a third energy.

So how is this done? Pick an energy you feel drawn to. Lets say you pick thunder and lightning Qi. Go and watch videos of thunder and lightning. Go outside when it is raining and see if you can DO the thunder and lightning qi that is already in the clouds. Watch xianxia movies that have thunder and lightning qi in them. Read xianxia novels. In other words inspire yourself. Doing is a very important aspect of cultivation. If you can cultivate you should be able to DO. Once you know how to do thunder and lightning qi, then try fire qi or water qi. Once you do an energy, don’t just do it, cultivate it. The most important energy to learn how to Do is Guang ming. We can use Guang Ming to enter the basic level of cultivation.

How to do a specific qi without bringing it in from the environment:

Using your skills of perception absorb or move a specific qi or force (it can be a certain Guang Ming for example). Notice how the qi feels and forms in your hands. You will notice it takes a certain shape. Now copy that shape yourself. Copy the qi exactly. This is how you Do an energy without absorbing it from the outside. Do this same method with many different qi and forces. Make sure you remember each one. Soon your doing will refine and you will be able to do any energy you want without perceiving it externally. This may take months or years.

How to cultivate with Doing:

Do a specific qi or force in your hands and then form the holdind the ball posture at your lower dantian with your palms. Notice that you are cultivating.

The Refinement of Doing:

Once you learn how to various energies you are now ready for the process of Doing refinement. Begin to experiment with different energies and cultivating them. Try to cultivate yin chi and yang chi. Then try to refine; instead of yin chi, try Nine yin chi, instread of thunder and lightning qi, try celestial thunder and lightning force. Think of an energy you wish to cultivate and cultivate that. I would recommend to stick with Taoist forces as this will help you reach higher levels. The Doing refinement process may take a a couple months to a few years. Once you have crossed the stage of Doing Refinement you will able to Do and cultivate any energy you want. This then sets you apart even among the cultivators as someone who has reached a higher level in cultivation. You will not feel normal any more.

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