Cultivating Guang Ming Consciousness

It was a while since a made a breakthrough in cultivation. Through working with my psyche I was able to start moving my own consciousness and then raising it to Guang Ming (light) level.

It started with exploring the expansion of my psyche at the ocean of qi point. I was thinking about the basic realm and wondering if there was any more to it. I had brought qi into my qihai point months back and was able to move large amounts of qi. However I had not yet worked with my psyche which was said to be essential at the basic initial awareness state.

I brought my psyche to my qihai point and expanded it. Instantaneously the breath of nature (nascent qi) started to build inside and around me. I could feel Guang Ming above my head. I thought this was indeed new. I had not yet worked with my psyche before.

I tried something else, I brought my psyche in front of me and then gathered qi around my psyche. I felt my energy level increase.

Then I thought about the ancient cultivators in the legendary See-through state who were able to fuse their consciousness with the primordial qi as one. I realized that I never tried to use my consciousness either.

Suddenly there was an awareness of consciousness and that I could move it now. My previous breakthrough opened up the ability to move consciousness. Immediately I moved my consciousness in front of me and began to cultivate it. I could cultivate my consciousnesses but I had bit yet fused it with the primordial qi. I did Guang Ming and brought my consciousness together with it. It combined and I started cultivating at a higher level. I felt my power increase dramatically. I then fused my consciousness with the nascent qi through my perception.

This was getting very exciting. I was able to bring down light a lot stronger than before with a simple intention of mind. Then I started wondering what else I could do with my consciousness.

With my see through ability I split my consciousness into three consciousness. I realized it wasn’t about splitting consciousnesses but entering the see through state with consciousness. After a couple tries I succeeded and instantly energy built up and light occurred in the sky and around my body. I then realized I could go higher and transform my consciousness into Guang Ming (light). This was nothing like I had done before. More lights appeared in the sky and the qi felt much stronger. Some lights even took the form of rainbows. I decided I would continue to work with consciousness everyday.

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