Cultivating Dao

Many people claim to interpret Dao as the “Ultimate Reality” or the pure Consciousness that is the fabric of the universe. Some say it’s a great nothingness, where there is no subject or object. Others equate it to a different word for the divine.

From my own personal experience all this could not be further from the truth. These are hindu and buddhist interpretations for Dao. And in actuality I am not going to give my own definition.

The beauty of cultivation is that you don’t need to know what Dao is, but you can cultivate Dao directly. Fromm my training I will tell you there is not just Dao, but the Celestial Dao and Heavenly Dao as well. These are different from Dao. When you cultivate Dao and Dao qi you are approaching Dao directly without any interpretation or scholarly intrusion.

From a cultivator’s perspective Dao is a great Force that can be cultivated if. you reach high enough in your cultivation. Dao can be seen and felt. One can harm others with Dao and Dao qi. Dao qi is not for healing, it is an intense destructive force.

Do I just cultivate Dao? No I cultivate the Celestial Dao as well as the Heavenly Dao as well as the force of each.

Cultivators approach Dao directly and keep the theory minimal.

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