The day I entered into cultivation.

I had been doing many of celestial practices including the Dao system, Celestial Dao system and Haotian System. These systems were done with special breathing ratios and postures. They were not purely cultivation but arts. I still could not cultivate myself and I needed the help of a system. I then tried one of my nameless systems that I knew to be high level. After doing this one I realized I could practice any system just by thinking about it.

My thoughts then went towards cultivation. What if I try I system that was purely about cultivation? I thought “Ling Li” system. I felt the energy. It did not feel like anything special but afterwards I realized I could copy the same energy in my body through my spiritual sense. I could turn on the Ling Li energy at will. This was not with thinking or the mind. I realized this is different than what people would consider as Neigong or Qigong. I was literally making energy from scratch. I tried it again and made the Ling Li energy. It worked. I then realized that I could suddenly feel how to cultivate. The Ling Li actually awakened my ability to cultivate. I cultivated and realized I was suddenly a cultivator. I did not need the breathing, meditation or movements to intake energy. I could simply cultivate.

After a few days I realized I could cultivate physical objects such as fire, water and the clouds. I began to do this when I was outside. However I still could not sense the energy of heaven and earth and cultivate that directly. It would be not long after until I learnt how to do or make my first energy. And it would be a few months after this when I entered the basic level of cultivation.

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