My Cultivation Story – The Day I Entered the Basic Level of Haotian Taoism

I was sitting at the cafe in the Korea Town in Bangkok thinking over Haotian Taoism. I could cultivate in my “Doing” method where I could do any energy and I could cultivate using my celestial cultivation (which is very hard and cannot be taught). However I still could not move the Nascent Qi of Heaven and Earth. I wondered how exactly to pull in qi to the Qihai point. And suddenly I had an epiphany. What if I just DO “the nascent qi of heaven and earth” at the Qihai point and pull it in. I wanted to try it immediately. I closed my eyes and did it at once. It worked. I felt energy building up in me and all around my body. I realized I could cultivate in this new way.

But did it work?

I flicked my palm towards an object, immediately Qi moved to that object. I realized however that it was not my qi that flowed to the object but it was the Nascent Qi that is everywhere that flowed to it. It was hard to believe even though I experienced it with my own eyes. I tried again and the same thing happened. I tried it with more force and more Qi flowed there with a crash. I was extremely happy and closed my eyes ready to try it again and pull in more qi into the Qihai point. It was then when I noticed something I never had seen before. There was a green and blue mists flowing everywhere. Then I saw Guang Ming, the brilliance of Haotian. It was then I realized I was immediately perceiving the Qi of Heaven and Earth. I had reached perception level in an instant.

I thought, this was too good to be true. I also realized I could pull in the qi that was in my perception and cultivate it. I had finally learned how to Cultivate in Haotian Taoism. In Haotian Taoism they say what you perceive when you first enter cultivation may show the amount of talent you have. I reasoned since I perceived a lot I may have “some” talent! Few weeks after this Guang Ming started coming down fast from the sky every time I cultivated.  This was a different feeling entirely and the awe of Haotian began to develop.

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