My Cultivation Story – Sun July 24 – Realizing I can move Nascent Qi with special movements.

It was just yesterday that I realized I need to absorb what was called “Spirit Energy” in addition to Qi and forces, that I had been previously absorbing. I had taken last night to especial absorb “Dao Spirit Energy” using my Doing method (the ability to Do any energy). I noticed a blue and red mist all around and my energy started to reach new levels of power. I tested it on an object but it was still not moving at my will. However I affirmed that I would continue to cultivate spirit energy every day.

And today I realized that I can do other movements with Nascent Qi in addition to the special Haotian movements that only I knew.  I tried a simple movement, cloud hands, but this time not just moving my hands but moving the nascent qi with the cloud hands. It immediately produced a black watery mist and I could sense the Qi of Yin and Yang being absorbed. The Qi started to go through the levels of power from level 1 – 72. In cultivation we don’t emphasize the electric current but instead the level of Qi power. I decided I would continue these moments everyday.

However I wondered what other movements I could create. I went outside to feel the energy clearer and to work with more amounts of qi. I started doing special kung fu movements slowly over and over again. I was building a lot more qi than usual but I realized that doing different movements would not develop my qi accurately in a correct path. It was then I realized I could create  Guang Ming and Heavenly Dao movements based on my ability the Do these energies. The movements were simple enough to create. It was time to test them.

I did the Guang Ming movements over and over again. Light came down from the heavens in a torrent building up stronger. I noticed a red fire surrounding me which was new.  And then the Guang Ming became golden. I had reached a new attainment. I tested the qi on leaves and saw the Golden Guang Ming crashing down on the leaves. As I walked the Light began to come down, I saw it come down on people as well and I realized I need to control my energy as I didn’t want to negatively affect others.

I tried the Heavenly Dao movements. I saw the blue and white energy of the Heavenly Dao build up strongly around me. This was very powerful. As soon as I walked energy blasted everywhere. I told myself I will do these movements everyday.

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